Fort Erie


Fort Erie


Images, documents, and other items of historical significance to the town of Fort Erie.


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Louis McDermott with Cake
This cake was given to Louis McDermott in honor of his thirty years of service with Horton Steel.

Emily Hershey Tombstone
Buried in St. Paul's Cemetery

Grand Exhibition, #1
Pictured is Miss Barbara Holmes of General Office Horton Steel Works, Fort Erie in the latest 1967 fashion looking over an original dress of the 1875 era from the collection of early dress that Louis McDermott exhibited for one week as part of Fort…

Fire Company #2 Officers Installed
Pictured here are Alf Whyte, E Butler, W Wanderson, G Moore

Service Rewards Presented to Police Officers
Pictured here are Walter Kent, Thomas A Warry, Earl A Forbes, VIncent Stewart

Horton Steel Safety Slogan Winners
Pictured here are Mr. L Barnes and Mr Asplin with several unidentified people.
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