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Pictured here is a post card of the Fort Erie Race Track.

Pictured here is the stand up club house at the Fort Erie Racetrack

Pictured here is the Fort Erie Racetrack.

Pictured here is a crowd at the Fort Erie Race Track.

An aerial view of the Fort Erie Racetrack with a view of Buffalo, New York in the background.

Stella Ziff, Alex Strom, WIlma Strom and Nancy Stratton cut into a huge happy birthday Fort Erie cake. Behind them are Chamber of Commerce goodwill ambassadors Becky Seburn, Rosemary Redmond, Jennifer Mymyrk, Dorrie Bright, Doreen Manning and Belinda…

The fourth race was called "Ridgeway-Stevensville" in honor of Fort Erie's 123 birthday. Michael Quong rode Rose's Allure for the win and was presented with a plaque by Greg Parker for RIdgeway with Lloyd Wale for Stevensville.

This float participated in the annual river race.
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