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During the Covid-19 pandemic, parks were also closed during the Ontario lock down. Pictured here is a sign in Albert Street park, noting its closure.

Pictured here is a sticker that was applied to the Fort Erie Public Library's Centennial branch front door on May 4, 2021. The sticker promotes joining "The White Rose", movement.

Pictured here is Artemis on the north side Garrison Road. Previously, this building operated as a Burger King.

Pictured here is Avondale, located on the south side of Gilmore Road. Previously, the building housed McGonegal's, Red and White, and Chopper's Meat Market before becoming an Avondale in 1989.

Pictured here is Avondale on the east side of Central Avenue at the corner of Dufferin. Another Avondale store operates on the corner of Central Avenue and Gilmore Road.

Pictured here is Bethel Pentecostal Assembly, which stands on the south side of Bowden Street, next to the Central Avenue Bridge.

Pictured here is the building from which Bill's Toyota originally operated before relocating to a larger building on Garrison Road. This building stands on the west side of Central Avenue. In this picture, Bill's Collision and glass and another…

Listed here is a birth notice for Sean Burger, published in the Fort Erie Times.

During the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, public parks were closed to create social distancing. Pictured here is a park on Niagara Boulevard with fencing around the playground to ensure compliance.

During the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, boat ramps were closed to keep boats off the water. Pictured here is a 'Closed by Police Order' on the boat ramp by Nicholl's Marine on Niagara Boulevard.

Pictured here is Biggo and Edwards IDA, located on the west side of Ridge Road.

Listed here is Bridgeburg Bookstore on the north side of Jarvis Street. Annie Hall and a business partner opened it in the 1980s. Her son Morgan managed the store after her passing.
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