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Listed here are various street names within Fort Erie, with descriptions as to why and what they are named after.

Listed here is a random article from the Welland Tribune regarding the state of Amigari and Bridgeburg.

Listed here is a document pertinent Enoch Bown, a native of England who moved to Amigari in 1857. He is the father and grandfather of Thomas Bown and George Bown.


Listed here is a document pertinent to Alfred Hurrel, a local storeowner who lived and operated his business in Amigari for decades before his death in 1916. His business was taken up my W.T. Malkin following his passing.

Listed here is a document pertinent to W.T. Malkin and his grocery store in Amigari. Malkin was a local merchant and politician, whose over 40 years of contributions to the village played a large role in the regions commercial growth.

Listed here is a newspaper advertisement for a tailoring service in Amigari.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Amigari School House that stood along the North side of Gilmore rd. This school educated the youth of both Amigari and Bridgeburg until it was demolished in the 1920s.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Grand Trunk Hotel, an establishment that operated in Bridgeburg throughout the late 1800s. The document includes a list of owners, former employees as well as a transactional history.

Listed here is a document pertinent to William Anderson, an Amigari resident during the 1800s & the village's first postmaster.

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Listed here is a document pertaining to Rose Alice Seaton and her descentants.

Listed here is an article on William Anderson, first postmaster of Amigari.

Listed here are documents pertinent to the Amigari School House.
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