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Listed here is a picture of Southsides, which stands on the east side of Niagara Boulevard. It was previously known as Pranzo's.

Listed here is a photo of Cannabis Supply Co, a dispensary on the west side of Niagara Boulevard.

Listed here are pictures of the King Edward Hotel building as Big Texas.

Listed here is He's Not Here, which stands on Niagara Boulevard. For many years, it was known as Hot Diggity's.

Pictured here is Sobey's which, at the time of this picture, stood on the north side of Garrison Road. It opened as a Garden Market IGA store in September, 2001 and was initially owned by Ken Anderson.

Listed here is Bridgeburg Bookstore on the north side of Jarvis Street. Annie Hall and a business partner opened it in the 1980s. Her son Morgan managed the store after her passing.

Pictured here is Shopper's Drug Mart which, at the time of this photo, stood in the Sobey's parking lot on the north side of Garrison Road. It once operated within the County Fair Mall, which was located on the south side of Garrison Road.

Pictured here is Bridgeburg Family Restaurant which, at the time of the photo, stood at the foot of Jarvis Street. Other businesses have operated in this building, including Pastries Rene.

Pictured here is Carroll's Lanes, renamed Lucky Stryx in 2019. Larry Carroll owned the bowling alley from the 1960s on and retired and sold his business in the late 2010s.

Listed here is the Barnea Tavern. In this picture, it appears as it would have under its last owners, the Fairgrave brothers. From the 1990s through 2000s, the Barnea had numerous owners including John Pilato, Ray Seebach and the Fairgrave brothers.

Pictured here is Creative Dining by Angie, located on the east side of Central Avenue. Previously, this building housed the Fort Erie Times and Shirley Ann's Florist.

Pictured here is a law office that once housed the Toronto Dominion Bank. It also housed a day care center.
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