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Listed here is an obituary for Karen Bristo, published in the Fort Erie Times,

Listed here is an advertisement selling Canadian lakeshore properties in Fort Erie.

Listed here is a document with information regarding "Clutch" Donohue; a storied express robber and town character from 1890s Fort Erie.


Listed here is a document titled, "Opportunity Knocks", which is a published letter to a man named Wilfred, by J.L. Kraft.

Louis McDermott at Horton after the strike.

"The Ship Canal on the Niagara" tells the story of James Kerby requesting support for a ship canal at Fort Erie. Other documents include his military involvement with "the Queen's Own Fencibles" and his dealings with a local grist mill.

Listed here are various items pertinent to the First World War, and belonging to a Fort Erie veteran of the conflict. Items include an article from Maclean's that revisits the causes of the war, and the role played by Canadians in assisting the…

President Asplin, with his assistant, Al Mudge, show a group the vast stockpile of steel plates before they are conveyed by overhead crane into the plant to be shaped, cut and welded into tanks. Apart from name badges, guides on the tour were…
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