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During the Covid-19 pandemic, various types of non-essential businesses were ordered closed by the province of Ontario at various points in its timeline. Some businesses closed proactively in response to the virus. Pictured here is D&W Upholstry,…

Essential businesses promoted social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, which included government regulation, but oftentimes their own additional measures. Pictured here is a sign at Avondale on Central Avenue and Gilmore Road, promoting social…

During the Covid-19 pandemic, parks were also closed during the Ontario lock down. Pictured here is a sign in Albert Street park, noting its closure.

The Covid 19 lock down of public places in Ontario included, for a time, any non-essential businesses and places, which included public parks. Pictured here is a sign warning people that using the playground might not be safe from the Covid 19 virus.

Pictured here is a chalk drawing found along the Niagara Parkway near the foot of Central Avenue. Chalk drawings promoting hand-washing and social distancing measures became popular during the pandemic.

Pictured here is the new service desk at the Centennial branch, ready for the public.

Pictured here is the building from which Bill's Toyota originally operated before relocating to a larger building on Garrison Road. This building stands on the west side of Central Avenue. In this picture, Bill's Collision and glass and another…

Pictured here is the plaza on Wintemute Street that has, over the years, housed businesses like Moran's, D&D Amusements and the Salvation Army Thrift Store

Pictured here is Erie Collision, which stands on the north side of Wintemute Street.

Pictured here are front and back shots of Horton Steel as it appears today. The back of the plant once bore the message "Work Safely Today and Always", but has since been covered by new siding.

Pictured here is Ineson's, which has stood for many years on the south side of Gilmore Road at the corner of Mary Street.

Pictured here is the Ridge Film House, which stands on the east side of Ridge Road.
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