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Listed here are documents pertinent to A. G. Woehl Coal Co., which was located in the north end of Fort Erie.

Listed here is a document pertinent to Alfred Hurrel, a local storeowner who lived and operated his business in Amigari for decades before his death in 1916. His business was taken up my W.T. Malkin following his passing.

Listed here are a series of documents pertinent to A.G. Woehl, an Amigari business man and the towns coal dealer. Woehl operated his business near the Grand Trunk Station along upper Gilmore Road.

The Aquarium Store stood on the south side of Dominion Road.

Pictured here is Avondale, located on the south side of Gilmore Road. Previously, the building housed McGonegal's, Red and White, and Chopper's Meat Market before becoming an Avondale in 1989.

Pictured here is Avondale on the east side of Central Avenue at the corner of Dufferin. Another Avondale store operates on the corner of Central Avenue and Gilmore Road.

Avonmart stood in a plaza on the south side of Garrison Road.

Becker's operated on the south side of Garrison Road.

Pictured here is Bethel Pentecostal Assembly, which stands on the south side of Bowden Street, next to the Central Avenue Bridge.

Pictured here is the building from which Bill's Toyota originally operated before relocating to a larger building on Garrison Road. This building stands on the west side of Central Avenue. In this picture, Bill's Collision and glass and another…

These businesses stood on the south side of Dominion Road.

Pictured here is Biggo and Edwards IDA, located on the west side of Ridge Road.
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