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This house stood on Dufferin Street.

An aerial view of the Fort Erie Racetrack with a view of Buffalo, New York in the background.

This light house was built in 1917 to replace a light ship. It sits on the shallows of Lake Erie.

This church has existed as a congregation since 1821. This building, however, was built in 1892 on the site of the original church which burned down. The stone used to build this church was salvaged from the ruins of Old Fort Erie.

Dedicated in 1940 to honor Alonzo C Mather, promoter of the Peace Bridge

This aerial view of the landmark lighthouse looks east toward the Crystal Beach shoreline of Lake Erie.

This is a pre-1970 aerial view of the Peace Bridge with Buffalo, New York in the background.

Old Fort Erie was restored in and shows the fortifications that were used by both the British and Americans. The Fort includes a collection of antique weapons and other relics. It also contains other items including buttons, buckles and bayonets.

The pavilion seen here was originally erected as a picnic area shelter in 1933. Reconstruction of the Forty began in 1937. When completed in 1939, the ground and the Fort were opened to the public.

Pictured here from left to right: Sandra Ott, Helen Rebstock, Patricia Miller (Queen), Mary Przybyl and Patricia Climenhage. Standing: Carol Zyrd and Donna Horton.

Front Row: D. A. Eiler, Mrs. H Eich, Mrs. Lloyd Wale, K.S. Ellsworth, George Schmed. Back Row: Roy Morningstar, W. K. Brown, Clarence Somerville, Martin Straugh, Claude Brewster

Left to Right: Burt Clark, W. C. Orcht, W. K. Brown, Allan Brooks
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