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Pictured here is the municipal property taxes for the year 1964. This gives a general breakdown of how municipal taxpayer money was spent at that time.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the introduction of the new Canadian flag in 1965, complete with the red, white and well known maple leaf that has come to embody our nation.


Listed here is a photograph from 1971 featuring Fort Erie's old Knights of Columbus center on Gilmore Road.

Listed here is a prescription from Chisolm's Drug Store, which was run by Jack Chisolm and located on Gilmore Road.

Listed here is a list of Highland Ave residents with occupations, circa 1963.

Listed here is a list of Emerick Ave residents, circa 1963.

Listed here is a certificate from the Department of Financial and Commercial Affairs.

Listed here are certificates from the Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards

Listed here are documents pertinent to the Department of the Attorney General

Listed here is a report written about the Surma Ossuary Site; an indigenous burial ground that was excavated in Fort Erie in May of 1965. The remains discovered are believed to date back to three separate time periods; Archaic, Late Woodland, and…

Listed here is the is the inaugural speech of newly elected Mayor John Teal, coupled with a list of officials elected in the 1961 municipal election.

Listed here is a letter written by Ray Connell, a member of cabinet, that declares his support for Jim Allan in his candidacy for leadership of the provincial government.
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