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Listed here is a document pertinent to Dr. Charles Streets, a well known medical practitioner at Douglas Memorial Hospital in Fort Erie during the 1920s.

Listed here is a document pertinent to Dr. Charles Streets. Dr. Streets was a decorated medical practitioner within Fort Erie as well as an integral member of town council and other administrative groups. Streets also served in the armed forces as a…

Listed here is a booklet that thanks the people of Fort Erie for their help in renovating the Douglas Memorial Hospital.

Listed here is a letter addressed to the Fort Erie public regarding the newly built Douglas Memorial Hospital.

Listed here is a brochure administered by South Niagara MPP and Fort Erie native Tim Hudak in 1997. The brochure clarifies the stipulations of Niagara's reformed health care system whilst assuring the public that their local hospitals will remain…

Listed here is a program booklet from the Douglas Memorial Hospital's 50th Anniversary and Grand Opening of their New Wing back in 1981.

Listed here is a booklet that outlines the desired expansion of the Douglas Memorial Hospital. This booklet covers an array of topics including; costs, public expectations, and the details regarding the expansion.

listed here is a document created by concerned citizens of Fort Erie who worried that the new specialized healthcare system would put the Douglas Memorial Hospital in jeopardy of being closed.

Listed here is a booklet pertinent to Fort Erie's Douglas Memorial Hospital.

Listed here is a booklet/brochure that showcases Fort Erie's Douglas Memorial Hospital, complete with photographs and a public statement regarding the hospital's significance.

Pictured here is Douglas Memorial Hospital during construction.

Pictured here is a view of Douglas Memorial Hospital from Bertie Street.
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