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Listed here is a document pertinent to Charles E. Muir, the former Lieut. Col. of the Lincoln-Welland Regiment during the second world war.

Listed here is a form of documentation that verifies the military service recruitment of one George Henry Woehl for WW1.

Listed here is a newspaper clipping pertinent to the death of World War II veteran Colonel Charles A. Muir.

Listed here is a document pertinent to Lieutenant G.R. Roberts, a Lieut. of the Lincoln-Welland Regiment's C Company, and veteran of the Second World War.

Listed here are several photographs of the Lincoln-Welland Regiment's C Company as they prepare to embark and join the conflict in Europe.

7th annual  reunion.pdf
The booklet cover for the 7th annual reunion of the 4th Canadian Infantry Battalion at the Royal Connaught Hotel in Hamilton. The document contains several handwritten notes, including names, addresses, and numbers.

Listed here are numerous items belonging to a Fort Erie veteran of the Second World War. The items include photographs, stamps, military documentation, and a booklet that contains the various ranked individuals within the 4th Infantry Battalion.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Lincoln-Welland Army Regiment stationed within Fort Erie. This regiment was lead by Lieutenant - Colonel Charles A. Muir, a Fort Erie resident who took his men overseas in 1943 to help liberate Europe from…

Listed here is a document pertinent to the memorial service held by the Lincoln-Welland Regiment in Fort Erie following the passing of King George V in 1936. The service was held outside the regiments local armory above Brewer's Retail Store.

Listed here is a document pertinent to Brewer's Retail Store, a business that operated within the town of Fort Erie for several decades starting with its opening in 1930. The store was owned by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles A. Muir, leader of the…
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