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Ferry Toll changes 1890.pdf
A transcription of the updated toll fees for the International Ferry. It includes fees for "Children under twelve, each way", "Sheep and Swine, each way", and many more. Written by Paul Beam, Clerk.

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Pictured here are plaques marking the location of Bertie Ferry Landing and indicating other ferry landing spots in town. The markers stand on the east side of Niagara Boulevard between Nicholl's Marine and Ming Teh Restaurant and directly across from…

Listed here are newspaper clippings pertinent to the Ferry Company, St. Paul's Church, the International Bridge, and Bridgeburg.

Listed here is a document written by George Tait, pertinent to life in Fort Erie throughout the 1850s and 1860s.

Listed here is a document pertinent to Hugh Gilmer, an early Ferry operator from Bridgeburg-Amigari. The document shows records of property transactions carried out between Gilmer and other residents.

Listed here is the cover of a book by Donald J Shomette regarding the ferry.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Blackrock ferry which ran between Fort Erie and Buffalo from 1796 to 1951.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the ferry landing on Bowen Road, which existed in the 1800s.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Fort Erie ferry landing.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the end of ferry service in Fort Erie.

Listed here is a Times Review article regarding plans for the ferry landing.

Listed here is a document pertinent to complaints made about the ferry service in 1917.
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