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Listed here is a letter written by Mayor Madelaine Faiazza to Louis McDermott regarding the Bertie Hall.

Listed here is a document pertinent to John Hawley, a former Fort Erie store owner and the first mayor of the Town of New Fort Erie.

Listed here is a booklet pertinent to Stella Ziff and her campaign for Mayor of Fort Erie in 1982.

Listed here is a profile of Heinz Hummel, a candidate for the Mayor of Fort Erie during the 80s.

listed here is an article written by the P.C. Association of the Federal Riding of Erie, particularly focused around Girve Fretz and his nomination to represent the Progressive Conservatives in the Federal Election.

Listed here is a text pertinent to the conduct that comes with the Chain of Office.

Listed here is Mayor John Teal's 2nd Inaugural Speech from 1970.

Listed here is a text document pertinent to the presentation of the Mayor's Chain of Office in the Township of Fort Erie. This document provides a brief history of Fort Erie, and the Chain's relevance to the Town.

Listed here is a document pertinent to M.C. Williams, the Mayor of Bridgeburg from 1923-1924.
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