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Reg Ward. a crane operator with more than forty years service, retired. Presenting him with gifts from the company and the union are Jack McClary and Sam Passero.

Honor retiring welder.jpg
Shown from left are Sebastien Passero, production supervisor; William Byers, retired welder; Bob Hudd, union president and Hugh Simpson, social chairman. Mr Byers is presented with gifts from the employees, social club and the union

Left to right:
Marve Hiloreth, Jim Hicken, George Hicken, Jim Bougie, Dan Wolk, Ollie Nicks, Jack Glavzer, John Sames, Lennie Moore, Lon Chapman, Wes Benner, Faye Shosenburg, Stan Kasplinski, Roy Roth, Henry Hamel, Andy Chtiej

Joe Bews (center) has retired at the Fort Erie Plant, with 35 years of service. With him (from left) are Howard Cox, Fred Bowley, Bob Hudd and Sam Passero.

Big Lady.jpeg
Big "lady" friend of Jimmy Bougie is Louis McDermott. Photo was snapped during retirement party for Jimmy, who closed a 30 year career with Horton Steel on March 29.

Ray Doner has retired at Fort Erie with more than 35 years of service. With him are Howard Cox and Bob Hudd
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