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Listed here is Bridgeburg Bookstore on the north side of Jarvis Street. Annie Hall and a business partner opened it in the 1980s. Her son Morgan managed the store after her passing.

Listed here are various street names within Fort Erie, with descriptions as to why and what they are named after.

Listed here are documents pertinent to properties located along High Street in Fort Erie.

Listed here is a document pertinent to William Vahey and the Vahey family of Bridgeburg. The late William Vahey was a member of Bridgeburg's first council and took up residence on Phipps Street.

Listed here is a document pertinent to Morningstar Meat & Grocery, a business that operated within Bridgeburg during the twenties and thirties.

Listed here is a list of all residents living along South Phipps Street in 1927.

Listed here are photographs of the Force Homestead, located on Phipps Street. Additionally, there is information regarding the property's history and record.

Listed here is a photo and information regarding the Kraft Homestead, located on Phipps Street.

Listed here are the specifications of houses being built along Phipps Street.

Listed here is a letter written in 1922 to Frank Hannes by Albert D. Nie, a mason contractor. The letter pertains to mason work performed on Hannes home on Phipps Street.

Listed here is a letter of correspondence written to Louis McDermott from a Buffalo resident. The letter is pertinent to the Fite family.

Listed here are photographs and additional information regarding Hiram Fite and the Fite home, located on Phipps Street and Central Avenue. The home was built in 1895 for Hiram Fite.
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