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Abigail was the wife of William Goulding.

Listed here is an obituary for Karen Bristo, published in the Fort Erie Times,

Listed here are several photographs of the Lincoln-Welland Regiment's C Company as they prepare to embark and join the conflict in Europe.

Listed here is an advertisement selling Canadian lakeshore properties in Fort Erie.

Listed here is a document pertinent to "By These Waters" which was a play performed by actors in Fort Erie in celebration of the towns centennial celebration.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Lincoln-Welland Army Regiment stationed within Fort Erie. This regiment was lead by Lieutenant - Colonel Charles A. Muir, a Fort Erie resident who took his men overseas in 1943 to help liberate Europe from…

Listed here is a document with information regarding "Clutch" Donohue; a storied express robber and town character from 1890s Fort Erie.
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