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Listed here is an article pertinent to the renovative construction that the Sugar Bowl underwent in 1994.

Listed here are documents pertinent the death of EJ Freeland, a very influential resident of Fort Erie who left behind a legacy of charity, hard work and philanthropy.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the Centennial Belles and the celebration of the nation's 100th birthday.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the introduction of the new Canadian flag in 1965, complete with the red, white and well known maple leaf that has come to embody our nation.

Listed here is a photograph and newspaper article pertinent to the Barbershoppers, a barbershop quartet from Fort Erie.

Listed here is a document pertinent to James Chalmers and Albert Ray, two home builders renowned for their construction services in Fort Erie and Bridgeburg.

Listed here are various newspaper clippings published during the Second World War. These articles pertain to all the soldiers who left Fort Erie to serve their country, and bring peace to those who needed it most. Many of these soldiers never…

Listed here is a document pertinent to Lieutenant G.R. Roberts, a Lieut. of the Lincoln-Welland Regiment's C Company, and veteran of the Second World War.

Listed here are numerous war propaganda posters and advertisements used to circulate information and inspire fervor towards the efforts on the home front of the war.

Listed here is a document about the top ladies in b-league bowling.
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