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Listed here is a collection of articles pertinent to the history of Fort Erie and Bridgeburg. More specifically the Old Fort, St. Paul's Church and Bertie Hall.

Listed here is a document pertinent to the passing of Menno House, a resident of Bridgeburg and the magistrate of Bridgeburg from 1911-1922.

Listed here is a document pertinent to James Chalmers and Albert Ray, two home builders renowned for their construction services in Fort Erie and Bridgeburg.

Listed here is a newspaper from 1905 containing news regarding Bridgeburg, Fort Erie and Ridgeway.

Poem- the future of Bridgeburg.pdf
A newspaper clipping with the poem, "The Future of Bridgeburg", accompanied by a critique of the poem.


Listed here are newspaper clippings pertinent to the Ferry Company, St. Paul's Church, the International Bridge, and Bridgeburg.

Listed here are various street names within Fort Erie, with descriptions as to why and what they are named after.

Listed here is a random article from the Welland Tribune regarding the state of Amigari and Bridgeburg.

Listed here is a newspaper article pertinent to the death of Mrs. Garrick Bown and her nephew, Robert Reingald Bown. Additionally, there is a list of Bown family members who are buried at St. Paul's Cemetary in Fort Erie.


Listed here is a document pertinent to Thomas Bown and the Bown family. Thomas worked on the Grand Trunk Railway for most of his life. His son George Bown would go on to become mayor for a time, before resigning and joining the town council as well…


Listed here is a document and photograph of Mr. James Lawson. Mr. Lawson he worked as a collector for the customs between Fort Erie and Niagara Falls.


Listed here is a document pertinent to Dr. Charles Streets. Dr. Streets was a decorated medical practitioner within Fort Erie as well as an integral member of town council and other administrative groups. Streets also served in the armed forces as a…
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