About Us / Library Board

Board Members

First Name Last Name Designation
Maria Brigantino Member
Ken Burden Member
Joan Christensen Council Representative
Dianne Fleming Member
Larry Graber Chair
Tricia-Lynn Pascia Member
Barbara Ruegg Vice Chair

Board Meetings

The Fort Erie Public Library Board meets at 4:30 PM. The next scheduled board meeting is December 19, 2023. All Board meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Minutes

Month Year
October 30 2023
October 17 2023
September 2023
August 2023
June 2023
May 2023
April 2023
February 2023
January 2023
September 2022
June 2022
May 2022
April 2022
February 2022
January 2022


Email board@fepl.ca to contact the Library Board.