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The FEPL Seed Library is a free program whose goal is to strengthen our community of gardeners and local eaters by sharing biodiverse, locally-adapted seeds. The seed library operates on the honor system to maintain a well-stocked collection of pure, healthy, viable seeds for the community to use. Located at our Centennial Branch, everyone is welcome to share and borrow seeds.


  • Visit the Centennial Branch to access the library. We will ask that you fill out a form to keep track of any seeds you borrow or lend.
  • If you borrow seeds, please bring some back. We encourage all members to learn basic seed-saving techniques, but ask that beginning seed savers only collect seeds from the “Easy” plants (bean, pea, lettuce, and tomato) in their first year to ensure consistent results. If you are unable to save your own seed, please donate a packet or two of fresh, commercially-grown, open-pollinated seed to help keep our library stocked.
  • Any donated seeds should be labelled with the name of the plant as well as the year the seeds were harvested. We have envelopes available to you to use.